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Awakening Chinatown 2022

The month of May 2022 marks the 20th Anniversary of Asian Heritage Month and it has never felt more important. After two years of a pandemic, it’s time to come together and celebrate the resilience and contributions of Asian peoples in British Columbia. At a time when the world is dedicated to learning, growing and ending racism, honouring Asian Canadian history has an additional level of significance.

The Victoria Chinatown Museum Society (VCMS), Wong Sheung Kung Fu, Chinese Consolidated Business Association (CCBA), local businesses and Pacific Opera Victoria (POV) are embarking on a new collaboration to mark the 20th anniversary of Asian Heritage Month in Canada. A special event will be held on Sunday, May 29th, from 1:00-5:00pm in Victoria’s historic Chinatown.

Celebrations include:

  • Dotting of the Eyes ceremony to “Awaken the Lions”, an allegorical awakening of Chinatown itself after COVID
  • The beauty and rhythm of traditional martial arts and lion dancing as demonstrated by the Wong Sheung Kung Fu Club
  • The Lion Procession to bring good fortune and prosperity to the businesses of Chinatown
  • The timeless grace of traditional Chinese dance as performed by the Victoria Chinese Culture Club Dancers, directed by Dr. Hua Lin
  • Traditional Chinese opera pieces performed by acclaimed Pacific Opera Victoria artists, John Chen and Michael Fan, accompanied by erhu (traditional spike fiddle)
  • Complimentary tours by ‘Discover the Past’, explaining the cultural richness of Victoria’s Chinatown, the most authentic remaining and complete inventory of original architectural Chinatown in North America
  • An opportunity to learn and play Chinese games, an arts and crafts station for families and a demonstration of Chinese calligraphy

Discontinue of Vaccination Proof

On April 8th 2022 - 12:01AM, the Province discontinued Vaccination proof verification. Starting April 11th 2022 (when classes start), we will no longer be verifying your vaccination passport. However if vaccination proof is mandated by the PHO once again, we will be enforcing this.

Mask wearing is not mandatory currently, however it is recommended. However, if the PHO mandates mask wearing, we will enforce mask wearing. 

Some may choose to wear a mask while they are at the club, you must respect their choice, we will NOT tolerate any criticism for their choice.

Starting April 11th we welcome all students back, and new students. However you must let us know via email ahead of time (minimum 2 days notice), if you are planning to come. Dues must be paid before you come. If you are a previous member, you are not required to sign a waiver again. If you are joining for the first time, you must fill out a sign up waiver.  hungfut.victoria@gmail.com

Due to the ongoing pandemic, and requirements of the landlords, we will have some extra cleaning to do at the gym. We will require everyone's help to make things go smoothly; there is a checklist for the areas requiring cleaning/sanitizing before and after class. Please bear with us while we all get used to these new daily duties to ensure a safe environment for all. Doors open at 6:30PM
We would appreciate it if everyone arrives on time, so that we can complete our sanitizing tasks before we start class. Please be respectful to ensure that every class will start and end smoothly.

Classes (schedule to be be modified as needed)

Monday's & Wednesdays (Senior students only) 7PM-8:45PM 

Monday's (Kids classes) 6:45PM-8:00PM

Tuesday's (New adult students & senior students) 7PM-8:45PM
No class for Senior students on Tuesdays, they can practice forms on their own. 

Location: 950 Kings Road. Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym (QVNG).
Entrance off of the parking lot. Look for the Kung Fu Club sandwich board sign.

Thursday's (New adult students only) limited spacing in the covered roof area. unlimited space uncovered.

Glanford outdoor location (6:30PM-7:30PM or later)

Senior students are considered students who have trained with us for 4+ years.

Adult member dues $60 /month 

New member’s only - Sign up for 3 months $160. $60/month onwards
Kids member dues $45 /month

New member’s only - Sign up for 3 months $120. $45/month onwards

The preferred payment for members dues and uniforms is via Email transfer.

Please note that all waivers and documents should be filled out digitally and returned via email. This is the preferred method, but if you absolutely cannot utilize this method, then we can have paper copies available for you (you must let us know ahead of time).

We look forward to seeing familiar faces as well as some new faces


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