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Wong Sheung Kung Fu is teaching JEDI !!!. August 16 / 2019 come for a DAY OF THE JEDI. Your Sifu will be pairing with improv actors to give you moves and techniques that you see in movies and TV like Star Wars and Sailor Moon! Work with actors to make a scene! Then Saturday August 17, your club is Teaching at a motion Capture Studio.Their moves will become video characters like you see in a game or films! Its all part of the KRE8Studio event August 9-18 / 2019 .Check it out at KRE8Studio.com ! JOIN US!

Canada Day 2019

Canada Day Drumming which is making its debut in Victoria's Canada Day Celebrations on July 1st this year.
Canada Day Drumming was inaugurated in 2017 by The Legacy 150 Society to foster harmony, unity and culture with simultaneous drumming in 12 cities across 5 time zones Canada-wide.

Victoria's Canada Day celebrations with Canada Day Drumming take place at 11am on the BC Legislature Lawns (check-in and assembly at 10:30am).

Wong Sheung Kung Fu Club will be performing at 10:30AM on BC Legislature lawns.

Holiday Closure

Kung Fu Club will be closed on Monday May 20th 2019 for Victoria Day, Classes to resume Tuesday May 21st 2019.

Kids class will be held on Tuesday May 21st 2019 to make up for club closure for Victoria Day.


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